Grade 9 - Florida Mathematics

Core: Florida Algebra I (Credit: 1.00)

Florida Algebra I focuses on the understanding of key algebraic topics and the mastery of critical reasoning skills. It is aligned with Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and prepares students for Florida's end-of-course assessment for Algebra I. Through a "Discovery-Confirmation-Practice"-based exploration of algebraic concepts, students are challenged to work toward a mastery of computational skills, to deepen their conceptual understanding of key ideas and solution strategies, and to extend their knowledge in a variety of problem-solving applications. Course topics include algebraic expressions and equations; problem solving with functions; graphing; linear equations and inequalities; polynomials; radical expressions and equations; rational expressions and functions; and matrices.

Florida Algebra I features ample opportunity for students to hone their computational skills by working through practice problem sets before moving on to formal assessment. Throughout the course, diagnostic assessments help students to quickly identify areas of weakness and improve performance while summative assessments chart progress and skill development.

The content is specifically aligned with Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks.