Grade 15 - CTE

Core: Intermediate Health Science (Credit: 0.50)

Intermediate Health Science extends the foundations of the Introduction to Health Science course and covers basic medical science, terminology, procedures, and regulations. This course will help guide students toward choosing a specific career path in health services, including career paths in emergency medicine, nutrition, and alternative medicine. Using real-life scenarios and application-driven activities, students will extend their knowledge of oral and written communication in health science. Students will have an overview of physiology and medical measurements. Students will also synthesize learning from the Introduction to Health Science course by engaging in analysis of real-life scenarios and deepen their knowledge of various career options. In addition, students will expand their understanding of health and safety systems, how to address emergency situations, and deal with infection control issues. Intermediate Health Science is an intermediate-level Career and Technical Education course for programs of study in health sciences. This course is aligned with state and national standards.