Grade 12 - HIstory and Geography

Government and Economics (Credit: 1.00)

Prepare your students for life after high school with this comprehensive course that helps them understand their government, governments around the world, and the interaction between politics, economics, and the international community. As a part of a complete learning management system, government and economics is a self-directed course infused with technology-based lessons, tools, and exercises to enrich learning for students, and streamline instruction and administrative tasks for teachers. Like all Ignitia courses, Bible verses (KJV) and biblical references support the development of a Christian worldview and encourage practical Christian living.

Give your students the understanding they will need to become global citizens with this comprehensive and practical government and economics course. Lessons include an overview of the American government and other governments around the world. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the world in which they live, its politics both nationally and internationally, and the implications of personal and national economic actions. The course units include text-based lessons, on and off-computer exercises, special projects, learning games, quizzes, and tests that appeal to today's digital generation and help teachers to evaluate progress and mastery of the materials. Ignitia Government and Economics enriches the educational experience for Christian school students and sparks a passion for learning.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • Exploring Governments
  • American Government
  • Political Parties in America
  • History of Governments
  • A Christian and His Government
  • Free Enterprise
  • Business and You
  • The Stock Market
  • Budget and Financing
  • Banking
  • International Issues