Grade 9 - History and Geography

Civics and World Geography (Credit: 1.00)

The perfect map for learning about world geography, this Ignitia course sends students off on a journey of discovery. Through the use of interactive lessons and geographic tools like maps, graphs, and charts, students will travel to every continent to learn about the land and its people.

As a part of a complete learning management system, world geography is a self-directed course infused with technology-based lessons, tools, and exercises to enrich learning for students and streamline instruction and administrative tasks for teachers. Like all Ignitia courses, Bible verses (KJV) and biblical references support the development of a Christian worldview and encourage practical Christian living.

Traveling the globe has never been more interactive. Ignita World Geography will take students across the U.S. and to the very ends of the earth to learn about the physical geography of each region, its culture and society, and its economics and politics. By looking at the history and implications for the future, students will develop their critical thinking and problem solving skill while getting a comprehensive view of the world in which they live. The course units include text-based lessons, on and off-computer exercises, special projects, learning games, quizzes, and tests that appeal to today's digital generation and help teachers to evaluate progress and mastery of the materials. Ignitia World Geography enriches the educational experience for Christian school students and sparks a passion for learning.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • Geography Defined
  • Humans and Their Environment
  • North America
  • Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
  • Oceania, Australasia, and Antarctica
  • Europe and the Balkans
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • North Africa and Southwest Asia
  • Central, South, East, and Southeast Asia