Grade 15 - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Engineering and Innovation (Credit: 0.50)

The Engineering and Innovation course will provide students with an understanding of the field of engineering and introduction to the concepts of invention and innovation, as well as some of the skills and tools necessary to invent and innovate. This information will provide students with the ability to invent and innovate in their field of choice.

Students will learn details about the scope and nature of the field of engineering. They will also learn about the history of invention and innovation and how those activities play a role in the advancement of human society. Students will be introduced to patents, regulations, and ethical and professional standards that apply in the fields of engineering and invention.

Students will also learn about analytical modeling and problem solving, interpreting the results of models and experiments, and understanding how bias impacts outcomes. In addition, students will learn about innovations and inventions in the fields of biomedicine and the environment and how those fields have impacted the health and well being of society. Lastly, students will learn about career choices and organizations and resources available for individuals who wish to incorporate invention and innovation into their careers and lives.