Grade 15 - Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Power, Structural and Technical Systems (Credit: 0.50)

Power, Structural, and Technical Systems provides students with an understanding of the field of agriculture power and will introduce them to concepts associated with producing the food and fiber required to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. This understanding gives students the opportunity to explore agriculture machinery, as well as structures and technological concepts. Students will understand the historical changes in agriculture and how agriculture has changed to meet the needs of the future world population. Students will be introduced to machinery, structures, biotechnology, and ethical and professional standards applicable to agriculture power. Students will understand the technological innovations that have contributed to changing the face of agriculture. Computers and other technological tools have given farmers the ability to utilize precision agriculture. Students will gain an understanding of the professional career opportunities and responsibilities of growers across the country. Additionally, students can learn about some of the resources available to professionals in the agriculture industry.