Grade 10 - Science

Advanced Chemistry B - Semester 2 (Credit: 0.50)

The Advanced Chemistry course is designed around the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework established by the College Board. The course is presented through the lens of scientific inquiry — the process of channeling human curiosity into purposeful exploration, discovery, and application of observable natural phenomena. In this course, students will grow to understand their physical world in a deep way. At the same time, an inquiry and STEM - oriented approach to chemistry offers students a shared method of asking questions about the world around them. Their experience and knowledge from this course — tied to a strong emphasis on qualitative and q uantitative analysis and communication — is designed to enable them to understand important scientific and societal problems and to creatively grapple with such problems. Students will be taught and encouraged to continually pose questions about the subject matter. Through exploration and discovery of the phenomenon at the core of each lesson, students will be guided to answer their own questions and will be able to discuss the phenomenon in ways that reflect sound scientific practices.