Grade 3 - Mathematics

Mathematics 3 (Credit: 1.00)

With a focus on building strong math foundations, this Bible-based course is an engaging study of numbers that solves problems for 3rd grade Christian school students with text-based lessons and multimedia tools. Using a variety of question formats, students begin with simple arithmetic but progress through more complex concepts including fractions, decimals, graphing, and telling time. Learning games, step-by-step instructions, and illustrated solutions simplify complicated problems while engaging learners.

Internet-based, this course not only challenges students, but it also helps them to develop digital literacy and critical thinking skills with self-directed lessons that are best facilitated by a teacher. Because every lesson is infused with biblical content and verses (KJV), students learn to look at the world of numbers from a Christian perspective and consider Christian principles in making critical choices. Created for young online learners, it is especially easy to navigate, and like all Ignitia courses, Ignitia 3rd Grade Math is always available online to facilitate parent interaction. Built-in teaching tools help with instruction, organization, and data management for busy teachers.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • Word Numbers
  • Addition Problems
  • Subtraction Problems
  • Number Order
  • Carrying Numbers
  • Borrowing Numbers
  • Symbols and Counting Multiples
  • Addition and Subtraction Problems
  • Fractions