Grade 3 - History and Geography

History and Geography 300 (Credit: 1.00)

Ignitia's interactive history and geography course for 3rd grade students sends them across the country as they investigate different types of communities in America. Not only will students learn about different ways of life, but they will also explore how God's activity can be seen in the record of man throughout history. This web-based course includes interesting text-based lessons, inspiring Bible verses (KJV), assessments, and interactive media to help students retain content and keep learning fun.

Flexible and intuitive, this Bible-based online course is especially easy to navigate for young students under the guidance of a teacher or facilitator. Throughout the course, students will study the environments, history, and activities of people who rely on different industries for their livelihood. Interactive learning activities, timelines, and maps help students understand the development of these industries while exploring how God works through His people over the course of history. Like all Ignitia courses, Ignitia 3rd Grade History and Geography is always available online and helps students develop digital literacy skills. Built-in administrative tools help with instruction, organization, and data management for busy teachers. Help your students explore the history and geography of America with Ignitia.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • Fishing in Maine
  • Farming in Kansas
  • Fruit-growing in Washington
  • Forests in Oregon
  • California: A Golden Land
  • Cattle in Texas
  • Coal Mining in Pennsylvania
  • Manufacturing in Michigan
  • Space Travel in Florida
  • Review of Nine States