Grade 3 - Bible

Bible 3 (Credit: 1.00)

Introduce your students to the wonder of God's universe with this interactive Bible course that focuses on the life of Jesus, living for God through obedience, praise, and worship, understanding God's word, and God's love for his children. This web-based course includes interesting text-based lessons, inspiring Bible verses (KJV), assessments, and interactive media to keep even the littlest learners engaged. This course helps build a foundation for practical Christian living for a lifetime.

Flexible and intuitive, this online course is especially easy to navigate for young students under the guidance of a teacher or facilitator. Through Bible stories, verse memorization, and writing activities, important Christian concepts are reinforced. Fun, colorful, and interactive activities are woven through the course to help explain biblical teachings. Students will discover the books and writers of the Bible, explore the promises God made to His people, and learn about loving one another. Like all Ignitia courses, 3rd Grade Bible is available completely online and accessible to students and their parents any time. Built-in teaching tools help with instruction, organization, and data management for busy teachers. Give your students the Bible instruction they need to life a Christ-centered life with Ignitia Bible curriculum.

Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:
  • Living for God
  • The Life of Jesus Christ
  • God's Plan for Joseph
  • You Can Use the Bible
  • God Takes Care of His People
  • The Bible is God's Word
  • Archeology and the Bible
  • God Gave Us the Need for Friends
  • God's People Help Others
  • God's Word, Jesus, and You