Grade 11 - College Readiness

College Algebra (Credit: 1.00)

Factoring Out Monomials, Difference of Squares, Factoring Trinomials, Rational Expressions, Complex Rationals, Exponents, Negative Exponents, Rational Exponents, Factoring by Grouping, Methods of Factoring, Rational Operations 1, Rational Operations 2, Binomial Theorem, Linear Equations, Graphing with the T-Table, Slope of a Line, Slope-Intercept Equations, Fitting Equations to Data, Compound Inequalities, Linear Inequalities 1, Solving by Graphing, Linear Inequalities 2, Graph Linear Functions, Parallel and Perpendicular, Addition and Subtraction, Absolute Value Equations, Solving by Factoring, Quadratic Functions, Graphing Parabola, Relations and Functions, Relations and Functions in the Coordinate, Plane, Identifying Linear Equations, The Coordinate Plane, The Pythagorean Theorem, Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbola, Geometry-Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometry-Reciprocal Functions