Grade 10 - World Language

Spanish II (Credit: 1.00)

Spanish I B is designed to help students comprehend and communicate the Spanish language as well as have a better understanding of Spanish cultures. Lessons cover a variety of topics and build on the conversation and grammatical skills introduced in Spanish I A, allowing students to become more proficient in their knowledge of the Spanish language. Spanish I B builds on the conversational skills introduced in Spanish I A. This course is divided into weekly units with four lessons in each unit. Lessons 1-3 of all units consist of a daily lesson and a practice and mastery test. Lesson 4 of each unit contains a review of material learned in that unit, an interactive game, and the unit test. Spanish I B includes topics such as use of reflexive verbs and pronouns, families and kinship, household objects and chores, medical words and phrases, cardinal directions, travel terms and locations, personality descriptors, games and activities, and technology.