Grade 11 - World Language

Spanish I (Credit: 1.00)

Spanish I A is a comprehensive course for grades 912 designed to help students comprehend and communicate the Spanish language as well as gain a better awareness of Spanish-speaking cultures by focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing of the Spanish language. The course is divided into weekly units of four lessons designed to examine a variety of topics and teach basic conversational skills applicable in the classroom and daily use. Lessons 1-3 of all units consist of a daily lesson and a practice and mastery test for student learning. Lesson 4 of each unit contains a review of material learned in that unit, an interactive game, and the unit test. Spanish I A includes topics such as common greetings and cognates, school and classes, time, days, months, seasons, and weather, appearance, personality, and feelings, daily activities and sports, asking questions and giving positive and negative responses, food and drinks, going to the supermarket, and going to a restaurant. The content and concepts in this course are, in part, based on the National Standards in Foreign Language Education developed in cooperation with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).