Grade 9 - Mathematics

Core: Algebra I-A (Credit: 1.00)

Algebra I-A and I-B provide an expanded, two-year course sequence designed for students who are not prepared for the academic challenges of the traditional one-year Algebra I curriculum. Focusing on review of pre-algebra skills and introductory algebra content, Algebra I-A allows students to deepen their understanding of real numbers in their various forms and then extend their knowledge to linear equations in one and two variables. Algebra I-A features ample opportunity for students to hone their computational skills by working through practice problem sets before moving on to formal assessment. To assist students for whom language presents a barrier to learning or who are not reading at grade level, Algebra I-A includes audio resources in both Spanish and English. Two versions of the Algebra I-A course are offered: one aligned to Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Benchmarks and the other to California's Algebra I Mathematics Content Standards. Detailed correlations to standards for other states are available on request.