Affordable Solutions for Summer School

Research shows that students who attend summer learning programs often demonstrate learning gains over students who do not attend summer school.  Unfortunately, summer public school programs can be labor and cost intensive and many school districts have been forced to either reduce or eliminate summer school programming based on drastic budget reductions.  If you are a public school administrator or teacher organizing a summer school program, you might want to consider online curriculum choices.

Benefits of Online Learning for Summer School

There are numerous advantages to online learning programs:

  • Cost reductions – online curriculum choices may allow a smaller summertime staff commitment;
  • Online curriculum can provide the opportunity to provide targeted educational opportunities to student populations requiring additional assistance beyond the regular school year schedule;
  • Online learning provides the opportunity to offer a wide range of classes that would normally not be available in a conventional summer school schedule;
  • As public schools are forced to reduce in-class summer options, online programs can offer alternatives that are easy on the budget while offering students the option of catching up or getting ahead during the summer months;
  • Online curriculum addresses many student needs, including:
    • credit recovery;
    • grade level acceleration;
    • easing the transition from middle school to high school; and
    • basic skills remediation

Global Student Network (GSN) Provides the Best Online Learning Options for Summer School Programs

Partnering with GSN, your school can choose from among the best in online curricula:

A+, Accelerate Learning, Apex Learning, Bible-based, eDynamic Learning, GradPoint, Odysseyware, Plato – all from one location.

Curriculum provided by GSN can be implemented by your teaching staff or GSN can provide certified teachers.

Find out more about how to partner with GSN to tailor an online program to meet your summer school needs!

Please Note: The original dates published in our summer learning publicity were incorrect. Summer learning runs fromJune 1August 15, NOT August 31st as initially shown. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.