K-12 Homeschool and Online Education Excellence

Since 2004, Global Student network has provided online education excellence to K-12 students, worldwide.  GSN provides easy access to superior online homeschool learning courses and programs for schools and families.

Online Education with BooksWhat makes us the Best Choice for your online education needs?

  • Our programs are tailored to the individual student’s current knowledge base and learning style. Our online curriculum provides the support students need to excel at their own pace and feel comfortable with their own individual learning style.
  • Proven Track Record. Over 100,000 students around the world have used our programming to successfully reach their educational goals.
  • User Friendly Format. The multimedia programming approach allows students a chance to share in designing their own individualized study plans and provides teachers and parents easy online progress-tracking tools.
  • State-of-the-Art. All of our programs are selected based on a thorough review of 21st century high school elective requirements and professionally accepted language acquisition tools.

About Global Student Network

Online Education with ComputerWe are proud to include educators, business leaders, university professionals, technology experts and parents as part of our professional staff. As a group, we believe in the need for alternatives to traditional education models and have designed programming to address that need.

We are unique as compared to other online homeschool programming because we offer eight complete education models from one online location. We are proud to offer K-12 education options to public schools, learning resource centers and blended learning environments as well as to homeschools. Our curriculum includes learning approaches that address the specific needs of Christian and public school instructional models, honors programs and career/technical training and language learning environments.

We are proud to offer the best service possible to each of our customers. Click through the site on your own, select “chat” for online assistance or call or email us directly. Whichever contact mode you choose, we are here to address your online education needs and assist you in finding the best options to address those needs.

Check out our demos and learn what a decade of online curriculum excellence can mean to you.