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Global Student Network’s mission is to provide alternative educational options, designed to improve the academic preparation, achievement and general well being of non-traditionally oriented elementary, middle and high school age students and most recently offering solutions to adult learners.

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You Don’t Have to Simply Swallow Common Core


“Common Core.”  From school board meetings to social media rants and raves, you hear that divisive phrase mentioned everywhere!  How could two little words either thrill or terrify so many?!

The concept behind Common Core is to answer the age-old question – How can we make education across the United States excellent for everyone?  Because education is a state’s responsibility, each state is enabled to have its own curricula and standards.  The result is that the quality of education could vary from state to state.  Also, we are a transient society.  Imagine moving to a state where, even if the quality is equal to the prior location, the scope and sequence is different enough to make the transition very difficult.  So, how can we make education equitable and excellent?  The latest answer is to generate a core of standards and objectives that would be common everywhere – thus Common Core was born.  The response has been extremely varied.  Some parents feel the material is presented in complicated fashion and there is too great an emphasis on testing.  Some teachers struggle to embrace Common Core because they feel constricted by a scripted pedagogue.

Parents unhappy with Common Core have worked hard to bring their concerns before their schools and school boards.  Some have even organized protest days where students are kept home to show displeasure with the Common Core initiative.

If you are a parent who finds yourself at odds with Common Core, you do have options.  You could enroll your child in a private school or even homeschool.  Of course private schools and homeschool curricula can also be aligned with Common Core.  Be sure to verify that the curriculum meets your expectations.

One useful resource for choosing homeschool curriculum is Global Student Network, where you can view and choose from 6 different curricula.  There are Common Core options as well as Non-Common Core programs.  Christian, secular, honors, career/technical – any courses you might need for homeschooling grades K to 12 can be found at www.globalstudentnetwork.com.  Global Student Network also provides a record-keeping system so you can properly document your child’s homeschool education.

Another option to consider is an online private school. International Virtual Learning Academy is one such “cyber school.”  IVLA is fully accredited and staffed by certified teachers.  IVLA also touts a couple of very unique features.  First, with IVLA you can choose from several different curricula and learning programs.  Common Core curriculum is a CHOICE at IVLA.  Second, as students enroll they are assigned a mentor teacher who works directly with that student and family and also provides opportunities for interaction with other IVLA students in a virtual classroom.

It’s good to know if Common Core is something you just can’t stomach, there are other palatable choices out there!

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Who Has Time for Summer School?


Your summer school program can offer more for less!

With school funding being what it is (or isn’t!), it can be difficult to facilitate an excellent summer school program.  Online learning from Global Student Network offers high-quality courses in a cost-effective format.  With Global Student Network, your summer school programs can be:


Working at their own pace, students will enjoy the media-rich content and compelling presentation.


The prescriptive curricula used by Global Student Network means students are learning exactly what they need.  The wide variety of courses available gives you flexibility to customize your own summer program with minimal staffing requirements.


The research-based, proven curricula align with Common Core and state standards.  Built in assessments ensure students are effectively learning.

Global Student Network can help your summer school students succeed while saving your school district money.

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A Homeschool Dad


The cards have been opened, the new ties hung in the closet, the new gadgets are in use. But before we completely pack away another Father’s Day, we want to recognize the winner of our Proud to be a Homeschool Dad contest! Steve wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Steve Harris had this to say:

This was my first year to be a homeschool dad. Due to high stakes testing and a drill-and-skill curriculum, I knew that I could teach my 8 year old the relevant content in an authentic manner where she would thrive and love learning again. After scouring the internet, blog postings and school websites, I found the content areas that she needed to know for 3rd grade and went to work. I used my everyday experiences to teach the main concepts. For landforms, we looked at pictures from our summer trip to Colorado and took neighborhood walks around our South Texas home. For measurement, we cooked dinner together, making sure to follow all the directions. While I worked in the garage, she helped me by locating a Phillips screwdriver or 3 1/16” socket all the while explaining the various sizes, why they fit and what they do. Not only does being a homeschool dad allow me to work closely with my daughter on a daily basis, it also allows me to see the “Aha!” moments of her learning. She asks questions. She wonders what things are and is not afraid to pick it up or figure it out. By working with her to match her learning style, I am able to help her grow beyond her years – not just in curriculum, but life, social skills and characterization. I have also learned that I have grown from this experience and am learning new things along with her. Together we are making learning powerful and together we have overcome the 3rd grade.

Thanks for sharing, Steve! And hats off to all dads out there for the difference you are making in the lives of your children each and every day!


From Dad’s Point of View


During a contest challenging readers to tell us why they are thankful for homeschool, we received this piece.  Thanks, Dean, for sharing your perspective on homeschool!

We have homeschooled all three of our children for various years of their lives.  We currently home school our youngest as our two oldest attend high school.  Our family wouldn’t trade those years of homeschooling for anything.  Our youngest, Jordan, is doing so well this year getting his education directly from his awesome mom!

What I have noticed about the homeschooling years and remain so fond of is the quality of the education they receive.  The proof is when I get home from work and Jordan is anxious to tell me something he learned that day.  I recall how all three of my children, when homeschooled, would talk about what they learned in the evening. Even to this day, when they talk about education it’s almost always something they learned while being homeschooled.

I give me wife complete credit for this. She researches curriculums and puts together what she believes to be the best custom-made curriculum for each child. The beauty of homeschooling is you don’t have to stick with one curriculum for all subjects. You can combine elements of classical education with an Abeka math book, for example. She has been able to find science books online that were fun for Jordan yet met the goals they set out to accomplish.

My wife and son have a lot of options at their disposal that other kids don’t have. They take field trips every month or so. They are part of a co-op that allows Jordan to meet up with friends and take in some opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

I think the secret to their homeschooling success is just the one-on-one focused time with son and mom. He is now an A student and proved to us that homeschooling has been essential for his academic success, and it really built the foundation for “loving to learn” in all three of our kids!


Are you the dad of a homeschool family?  If so, we’d love to hear from you!  Send us your thoughts about your family’s homeschool journey and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card.  Entries are due Fri. June, 13 2014.  Send your submission to jhoffman@uniteddigitallearning.com.  See http://www.globalstudentnetwork.com/blog/proud-to-be-a-homeschool-dad/ for full details and official rules.

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