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Benefit to Students:

  • Designed to teach required subjects for graduation
  • Student’s learning experience is enhanced via flexible approaches to learning, teaching, and assessment, developed to meet the needs of students.
  • View progress at anytime
  • Tailored to fit all learning styles, interests, and needs of students and families
  • Lessons enhanced by graphics and multimedia pictures
  • Virtual courses allow students to study at a time and location that suits them.
  • GSN's Courseware have shown improvement in student motivation and engagement, development of higher learning styles, and increased independent learning skills.
  • Responsibility for learning placed with the student – essential ingredient for lifelong learning.
  • Integrated feedback tools provide increased learning opportunities, build learning skills, and enhance student’s ability to think critically.
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  • Our prgrams provide opportunity for students who may have fallen behind.
  • Individualized element of Virtual Learning ensures students do not fall through the cracks amidst a crowd of students.
  • Students have more control over how and when they work
  • Students find the work “easier and quicker to do,” despite the fact it is the same work they previously did with pen and paper.
  • Students like the fact that they cannot forget to bring their work in, or lose it.
  • User-friendly, comprehensive, and equitable access to high-quality Virtual Curriculum for students who need it most
  • GSN's programs benefit students who cannot spend their days on campus when most classes are offered

Benefit to Teachers/Parents:

  • Parents can customize curriculum to meet student’s needs
  • Parents can easily monitor their student’s progress in real-time.
  • No textbooks to carry around
  • 90% of work scored by computer
  • Parents can view all assessment results
  • Printable detailed student progress reports
  • Access to online content supports homework studies out of school hours.